Our engineers provide customisable options across every phase of the design process, from concept design through to detailed design and all aspects of engineering consulting.


Design and Consulting Services

The above image is an example of a fire sprinkler CAD concept.

The above image is an example of a fire sprinkler CAD concept.

We deliver 3D modelling and structural steel detailing that seamlessly integrates a variety of disciplines and shows the interaction of piping, concrete, as well as, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire systems. This allows building issues to be identified and rectified prior to the commencement of construction thereby minimising rework and building costs.

● 3D Modelling
● CAD & REVIT Services
● Drafting, Drawings & Detailing
● Design & Concepts 

Meeting with our industry partners at TQM.

Meeting with our industry partners at TQM.

Consulting Engineering
Our multi-skilled engineers offer a range of consulting services from Project Management to Training and Documentation. They are focused on understanding and achieving the vision, mission and goals of clients for each project, specialising in:

● Project Management
● Feasibility Studies
● Essential Services
● Data Logging & Systems
● BCA Advice
● Training & Documentation

Our engineers are recognised by these professional institutions.

Our engineers are recognised by these professional institutions.

Industry Rapport

We enjoy and great rapport and liaise closely with local government representatives regarding council approvals, S96 variations, compliance requirements, property development policies and other higher level issues relating to building and construction.

HHH Consulting engineers ensure all delivered works comply with NCC, Australian Standards Design, International Quality (ISO 9001) Standards and related legislation.



Engineering Services

Fire Services
Our fire safety engineers are experts in applying the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other regulations in designing high-performance and environmentally responsible fire safety solutions that improve the structural stability of buildings; reduce the incidence of fire; or control its impact should fire occur; and limit its spread to other properties.

● Fire Systems Design
● Dry Fire Services
● Fire Hose Reel Services
● Fire Safety Audits
● Fire Hydrant Services
● Due Diligence Reports
● Fire Sprinkler Services

Hydraulic Services
Our hydraulic engineers use state-of-the-art hydraulic and hydrological modeling software to map the project site. We create innovative design solutions which meet your needs and provide real value to projects, such as improving drainage and water quality; reducing loads on sewer systems; meeting regulations and delivering green sustainable solutions.

● Sub-Soil Drainage
● Portable Cold Water Services
● Portable Hot Water Services
● Stormwater Drainage
● Rainwater Plumbing Sanitary
● Plumbing & Drainage
● Natural Gas Service
● Trade Waste Drainage

Mechanical Services
Our mechanical engineers create comfortable, controllable, and easily-maintained environments through practical and energy-efficient designs for building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

● Ventilation Systems
● Heating Water Systems
● Close Control Systems
● Air Conditioning Systems
● Smoke Extract Systems
● Humidification Control Systems
● Smoke Control Systems
● Process & Water Cooling Systems
● Specialist Exhaust Systems
● Life Safety Systems

Electrical Services
Our electrical engineers ensure highly efficient power distribution; effective lighting; and the maximum use of natural, renewable sources of light and energy to reduce the impact of your project on the environment. We provide stand-alone or integrated electrical services.

● Power Infrastructure
● Energy Management
● Electrical Distribution
● General & Specialist Lighting
● UPS & Diesel Generators
● Data, Communications and Telephony (inc. NBN)
● Level 3 ASP Design
● Security Access
● Control and CCTV/MATV